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Feeling "Dirty"...

It's a VERY misleading title for this blog. And for the play reading that I'm currently preparing for this weekend.

I was invited by John Sloan at the Anteaus Company to perform as part of the cast for a new play by Stephanie Allison Walker, called "Dirty". Intriguing title, but it is, in fact, set in a home in the late 70's in Argentina during the Dirty War. The play brings you into the home of two women, a mother and daughter, as they search for Bélen who is (they fear) among the dissapeared.

Not an easy subject to write about, but I have to tell you that this playwright has done an exquisite job taking us to the heart of darkness of this time and place in history. Somehow she manages to do it with humor and humanity anchored by incredibly well drawn characters.

I told her I want to inject her play in to my veins like an i.v.

I guess it's just that rare to have an opportunity to be a part of such a special piece.

Perhaps I'm biased, but this play reads to me like something very special. Like Pulitzer special.

You can hear it in the first public reading at the First Peek festival by the Playwright's Union this Saturday, June 6th at 6pm at Moving Arts in Silverlake.

In any case, I urge you to keep an eye out for any future production of this stunning play.


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