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Cowboys and Aliens – The Sequel

So, over the course of two (and a half) days in late July, my man and I co-wrote and produced the sequel to the summer flopbuster Cowboys & Aliens.

Here is the final product!

Honestly, we had so much fun and worked with such a great group of people. It was a TON of work (due to post production issues), but with the help of our feisty, super talented, young DP and post-production mad man, Matt Macar…we persevered through Mercury being in retrograde and can now bring you this life changing comedy short for your viewing pleasure.

Oh and my latest commercial is running! I love when I get text messages from my mom that she’s excitedly just seen me on tv. Really. That never gets old.

Have a wonderful day and please mark our comedy short as your favorite on Youtube, hit “Like”, post a comment, repost.

Whatever kind of support you’d like to lend would be so awesome. And I thank you.


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