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Born and raised in Texas to a Peruvian father and an Irish-American mother, Arianna discovered a passion for performing at a young age. She credits her mother with allowing her to explore these interests fully, which led to her training as an actor at the California Institute of the Arts. 

Since then, she's had a dynamic career as a performer that includes work in professional theater, television, film and radio. 

Her long time interest in filmmaking started as a teenager, when she made her first short film. She has since produced and/or directed multiple short films and music videos. She continues to develop projects for film, tv and stage. You will find her work ranges from off beat comedy to dramatic projects that focus on gender parity in story telling.

As Leah in "Friends With Guns"
Women Behind Bars - Celebration Thea
Arianna Ortiz
On the set of "L.A. Beer"
Behind the scenes on The Wound
Still Life Prod Photos - 36.jpg
As Tina Modotti.jpeg
Arianna Ortiz on the set of The Thundermans
The Madres 2018
Arianna Ortiz directing
Rehearsing to step in at the Theater _ Boston Court in Pasadena for Monday and Wednesday shows
Jane the Virgin Episode 15
with Gabe Bartalos
Arianna Ortiz and writer/producer Ali Chen
Arianna Ortiz
Arianna Ortiz
Arianna Ortiz
Arianna Ortiz
Arianna Ortiz
Arianna Ortiz as Tina Modotti
On the set of Luck
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