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NINE DAYS is Sundance Bound! 2020!

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Winston Duke and Zazie Beetz in NINE DAYS

I'm in a very special film. I'm excited for you to see it.

NINE DAYS will have its World Premiere in the U.S. Dramatic Competition of the Sundance Film Festival in January 2020.

That's really all I have to say. I think the film will say the rest. Please, watch for it. I really REALLY don't want you to miss it.

I left beautiful Utah and landed back in L.A. right into another really cool gig; a dramatic podcast called "Blood Ties". It comes out December 17th via Wondery Media (iTunes, etc). Honestly had such a blast working with Gillian Jacobs and Amy Landecker. What great gals!!

Also, shot a sitcom and am now producing a play while developing my own projects. Sounds fancy but producing the play is me procrastinating. For realz.

I have an ambitious short film project that quite frankly...I need to crowdfund in order to make as I can't pay for it myself. Some complicated special effects. That's the god's honest truth. Crowdfunding is very intimidating to me. So, I've been procrastinating on it.

Feel free to kick my butt into gear as I'm really proud of the script and really want to make it.

Haha then again the short is probably a distraction from my feature films projects one could argue. But i want to make them all.

I better get back to work.

2020 or bust!! Have a wonderful, safe holiday season. See you in Park City!!! Whee!!!!


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