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Whoa. An update.

I dunno, y'all. Follow me on the Gram for timely updates. Otherwise, you'll never hear from me!

I've been tucked away taking care, writing and working. Had the GREAT pleasure to workshop a new play at the Geffen Playhouse called "The Middle of the World" by Juan José Alfonso in March 2022. A wonderful actor named Toby Onwumere took these shots with this thingy called a camera.

Keep an eye out for two very cool indie flicks that I worked on. "Puddysticks" is a quirky comedy by Meegan Seely and "Heartland Express" is an indescribable punk fever dream by Annapurna Srirama that I shot in Louisiana. I was really inspired by both these women starring and directing their own work. Can't wait to see what they cooked up.

And been working on some cool TV stuff, you'll see soon. But back to my own work for now!

Happy Spring! Hope you are healthy and wise.



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