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Here's our poster for "The Wound"!

Very excited to share with you our movie poster for “The Wound”!

What can I say? A great movie poster really does the talking.

I love the movie poster for Flight. I haven’t seen the movie, but when you look at that poster you see three things:



intense rain

I mean, he’s such a star, you just throw him on a poster, put the uniform on that defines his character, add some rain to show we’re in a drama.

You know EXACTLY what you are getting with that image.

It’s pretty brilliant.

Haha, I’m not sure you know exactly what you are getting when you see the poster for The Wound, but you know it’s juicy.

Just doing final post, tying up loose ends, making copies of the films for fests.

Also, prepping other projects.

Hoping you are having a wonderful holiday season!

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a juicy movie poster, right?


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