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Hitting the Festival Circuit 2013!

Hey gang!

Just a quick post to keep in touch.

Life is good and as usual, working hard. I was recently brought back to recur on Parenthood on NBC. What a pleasure that show is to work on. And just keeping busy as an actress.

But I’m back to hitting the pavement and mainly the focus has been on prepping for film festivals. The Wound will have its World Premiere at the Cinequest Film Festival on March 1, 2013. We are incredibly excited to be in the Maverick Short Film Competition. This is such a great fest. Really can’t put into words how great it feels to be premiering there.

You can learn more about the fest at

We will also be screening the following week at the D.C. Independent Film Festival in nation’s capital. This fest only picks a handful of shorts to compete, so we are incredibly honored to have been chose.

Here’s more on DCIFF at this link.

It’s really been my experience that everytime you think you are finished with your film…you aren’t. And so after starting work on The Wound almost exactly a year ago this month, I have finally surrendered to this knowledge.

A project like a film is this creature that grows and changes at every level creatively. I have a crush on post production because that’s when you really start to see all the elements of the film come together and come alive.

Alas, it’s also dang complicated at times! And that’s what I’ve been dealing with since last summer as one of the main producers of the project.

Still…incredibly proud of our little film and VERY much looking forward to watching it with an audience.

More screenings soon! Will keep you posted.


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