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The Wound wins GRAND PRIZE at Rhode Island International Horror Fest!

We just found out that THE WOUND was awarded the GRAND PRIZE at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival! You can watch the announcement above. It’s kinda hilarious because it is so subdued, but then they cheer when we are announced. WE WON!!!

The film was recently eliminated in Semi Finals for a very prestigious festival and several people came up to me saying they did not understand why we were eliminated. No biggie. But it’s kinda nice to know that someone on the opposite side of the county was just sitting around thinking we were so awesome, they had to give us a prize.

The Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival is considered one of the best and is a part of the Academy Award Qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival. I don’t think the winners of the Horror fest get Academy consideration. But that’s close enough for me!

“These films showcase the cutting edge of the international filmmaking world and are re-defining the Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres” said Shawn Quirk, Program Director of Flickers: Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival.

It’s the little things.

Feeling happy and PROUD. Thank you, FLICKERS, Rhode Island!!!

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