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Catch me on "Jane the Virgin"!

Super duper enjoyed working on this wonderful show. You can spot me in a small role on episodes 15 & 16. Here's a pic from set that Gina Rodriguez took:

She is a gem and a total star. I got to work there the week of the Golden Globes and just after they won the People's Choice awards so everyone was pretty much high on life. Ah, it was a blast! And I got to work with two legendary ladies behind the camera, as well! Melanie Mayron directed my first episode and Joanna Kerns the 2nd. :-)

I auditioned for something like seven roles on this t.v. show before they cast me. I didn't mind because I just kept showing up and auditioning and having fun! In fact, I was a little bummed that I wasn't gonna get to go back now haha. But then the casting director called me for another show she casts and I booked a guest star there, so WAHOO!! That one airs late summer. More then.


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