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The Season of the NDA

I like to think of myself as a pretty disciplined person, but you simply can't just post about everything you are doing these days. There are these nifty things you sign even at auditions called Non-Disclosure Agreements. Meaning, mum's the word. And almost everything I've been doing this year has been under NDA.

But ... not everything. So, clearly I'm just using this as an excuse not to post an update. One has to retain an air of mystery, people.

Okay, enough of that!

It's been an interesting year. I was so happy to be asked back this past Spring to perform as part of the Writer's Guild of America's Latino Scene Night. It's a great night where you get to hear some damn good work written by or for Latinos and none of it stereotypical. I love doing it.

2016 Writer's Guild of American Latino Scene Night -- Director, Ed Ornelas and cast

We were led, again, this year by the talented Ed Ornelas (on the left) as our director. I'm a huge fan of his and loved working with these actors. It's a real treat and you should try to catch it every year, whether I'm there or not!

I then found myself at the L.A. Film Festival with the indie comedy Girl Flu, which had its World Premiere at this year's festival. I have a small role in the film, but was happy to also be supporting the filmmakers for their big premiere. Here's me and the director, Dorie Barton, having a wacky time practicing for the red carpet.

Red Carpet silliness at the L.A. Film Festival


The film is GREAT. And I'm not biased. My role's not large enough for me to be haha! No, seriously. Delightful film, well made and I highly recommend it. It's now having a strong festival run. Hooray!!

After that, Summer turned very busy shooting 3 projects (NDA NDA NDA) and also doing some theater work. I'll post about those separately as they were such rich experiences.

As Fall approaches, already auditioning for the tv season, which I'm enjoying. And just taking a breath for what's next!

No idea what that is and okay with that.


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