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No one ever lets me be pretty

You'll catch me on two show this Spring if you dare. Though I shot it second, you'll first see me on the CBS comedy Life in Pieces, which airs April 27th after Big Bang Theory. The episode and cast are super funny and CBS IS MY FAVORITE NETWORK TO WORK ON BECAUSE THEY LET ME BE PRETTY!

Ha! For reals, though. Whenever I am on CBS, their wardrobe people refuse to let me look bad. And this time, I actually got to be cute. Like really cute. In more than one scene. Here's the proof!

In my trailer being cute!

And that doesn't even have a filter (proof is in my ghost white legs as this was shot in February)!

I'm mostly playing professionals like social workers, doctors and detectives, so it was a nice change to do some comedy - which I love - and look dang cute doing it.

End of May, early June keep an eye out for me on the last episode of John Singleton's Rebel, which airs on BET. I play an Internal Affairs Detective in the season closer. Great role. I loved it. Although... not as cute. (pic to come)

Rebel airs Tuesday nights on BET.

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