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What I did for my summer vacation...

If you keep track of my work at all, you might know that I've been helping to shepherd a stunning dramatic play through development. Our world premiere will be announced very soon and I can't wait. In June, however, I found myself really itching to do some comedy. One must have balance, you know. Well...ask and ye shall receive, my people!

I was fortunate enough to be offered two roles guest starring on some indie projects, including Season Two of Funny Married Stuff (a delightful and fun web series). I also shot an independent tv pilot set in the 90's, but can't say much more than that. And then I had the chance to channel my inner Carol Burnett when I booked a pretty far out Guest Star role on the Nickelodeon show The Thundermans.

I can't share anything about it until it airs, but it was VERY satisfying to let my comedy freak flag fly while shooting that. (And, btw, if you don't know who Carol Burnett is then I'm officially middle aged or your life is pretty incomplete. And so what if it's both!! I'm not the one going through life not knowing the work of Carol Burnett.)

And finally, I just shot a little cameo on The Mick for Fox and thus ends my summer 2017 comedy run as Labor Day approaches, we say goodbye to the incomparable Jerry Lewis and I start work on a network drama.

Ahhhh, the sweet comedy air of summer now makes way for the warmth of the autumnal episodic season.

Beyond excited.

But dang that was a fun summer.

Me in my multi-cam comedy happy place. The live taping.

At the live taping of The Thundermans for Nickelodeon.

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