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Life is good! And then my HBO debut…gets foiled.

Despite it being St. Paddy’s Day as I write this, there was no luck of the Irish with my latest gig.

Just as my Parenthood episode was about to air, I got word that I had booked another gig. (Missed the airing on NBC, as I was busy learning lines!)

I was booked on a role in the Season Two premiere of Luck for HBO.

First time on the show and network, so that was pretty exciting. And such an amazing cast. Had the chance to work with the rockin’ Mimi Leder as director and incredible John Ortiz & Jill Hennessy. It was a fantastic experience.

But you probably heard: just as they were shooting the next episode, one of the horses was in an accident and had to be put down. Production was ceased shortly thereafter and the series cancelled.

Definitely check out the rest of the latest and only season. Lots of amazing talent on this show. And who knows? Maybe my unseen episode will end up on the DVD extras. Ah, showbiz…

Projects already in the works for this summer. But until then, spring cleaning and tax season.

God bless us, everyone!


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