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The Joys of Body Horror!

Had an AMAZING shoot in June for The Wound. I play the lead role and have to say, it was pretty challenging (in an enjoyable way). Being an actor is such a physical job. Not just if you are in an action/adventure project, but just how much your body is affected by what you are doing.

(That’s me and our special effects guy, Gabe Bartalos –>)

I shot a commercial for pain and depression medication last year and I was seriously bummed for a few days after. (Found myself at an animated film and frozen yogurt to cheer me up)

Well, imagine playing a woman with a deep gaping wound from a surgery gone wrong and the after math of horror that ensues.

It was really fun. And having never had an excuse to visit Maine before. Well, what a stunning place. Glad to be back online, though!


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