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Red Carpet Premiere of "L.A. Beer"!

Super happy to tell you that you can now watch the first five episodes of L.A. Beer!

I was actually cast in this project in 2012, when it was called On the Rocks. They wanted to create their own show instead of waiting for Hollywood to give them the chance, so they wrote a half hour multi cam sitcom and decided to make it for the web. A feat unto itself, we shot that pilot in 2012. And it was a blast! But the team scrapped the whole thing when they determined that it just wasn't good enough.

That's right. They chucked it all and started all over. But they wanted to keep the cast. So they went back to the drawing board and came back with what is now L.A. Beer.

I cannot tell you how much respect I have for the producers and creators of this show. They have given this little project their all and I'm so proud to be a part of is and also thrilled to get to play such a fun role.

Here's the pilot!

Catch all the episodes on L.A.!

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