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The Seemingly Required Self Absorbed Actor On-Set Selfie

I once worked worked on an episode of Criminal Minds where the make up and costume department had a motto that everyone on their show look fantastic. They even went out and bought me scrubs to show off my figure. And my hair looked fantastic. Wahoo tv!

Ha! The VERY NEXT DAY, I worked on an unnamed cop show where they shelacked my hair down and sprayed it so it looked like a helmut. My make up made me look downright homely. I guess it worked for the character but I can honestly say that it made me feel ugly and I was quite thrilled when the show aired and during my actual scene, you could barely see me as they shot me mostly from behind. YOU'RE SO VAIN YOU PROBABLY THINK THIS POST IS ABOUT YOU, ARIANNA.

Hey, we all want to look good. Especially when being watched by people all over the world. So, I have this incredible appreciation for the hair and make up crews. Especially, when they get my face, which is unusual. I have skin inherited from my Irish/English American mother and strong features from my Peruvian father. And that nose. I love my weird nose. Someone once told me I should get cosmetic surgery for it if I wanted to be a "star". We are no longer friends.

I think my nose is sexy. I think the nose is the unsung hero of the face. I think great actors have great noses; Uma Thurman, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis et al!

A great guy named Steve did my make up for recent episodes of Jane the Virgin. I have a recurring role on the show and it's a dreamy place to work. My scene in this latest episode was crazy short and fast and yet he still took the time to make me look my best. It feels good to look good, amiright?

So, this post is a shout out to Steve, a true master at his work and genuine sweetheart. The hair gal was fabulous, too, but like the self absorbed actor that I am I have forgotten her name! Sigh. That's all right. I'll see them both again next week for the next episode. ;-)


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