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Winter in the Theater

The fall was a busy one with auditioning and MOVING. Shot some commercials over the summer and some movies, but it feels like its taken months and months to finally settle into a new residence. So fall flew by in the blink of an eye!

It was VERY cold that week.

But it ended in an incredibly satisfying artistic way. In early December, I travelled to Austin, Texas for the National New Play Network's Conference and Showcase. I had the immense pleasure to perform in the showcase with The Madres by Stephanie Allison Walker. I've been working with Stephanie since 2015 to bring this stunning play to stages around the country. Being chosen to present as one of six plays at the conference to 60 theaters around the U.S. felt like the culmination of all that work. I also got to see some other great work and meet an incredible community dedicated to new plays - something I love.

The play was beautifully received and please keep a good thought for its potential World Premiere in 2017/18!


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