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On stage again! "Friends With Guns" opens March 15th!

Friends With Guns plays at the Road on Magnolia 3/15-5/4

Per usual...haven't been able to post too much as show business is the land of the Non- Disclosure Agreement.

I was blessed with a busy and productive 2018. Lots of ups, some big downs, but overall...a wonderful year of work and growth and creativity.

Thrilled to be starting 2019 back on stage in the fun and button pushing World Premiere of "Friends with Guns" by Stephanie Alison Walker at the Road Theater on Magnolia Blvd.

The play is set in West Los Angeles. Here's a description from the New Play Exchange:

"You think you know your friends, your neighbors, your spouse, but what happens when you suddenly find out they have a garage full of guns? This new dark comedy explores the complicated issue of gun proliferation when two young liberal couples are forced to confront their assumptions about who should own a gun and why."

All I can say is that I'm VERY PICKY about the plays I do. Theater is time consuming, pays squat, distracts you from higher paying opportunities. Mama's gotta eat.

But I love the work of this writer and I'm thrilled and honored to have the chance to be a part of another one of her plays.

Here I am doing research!

Friends With Guns

The show opens March 15h and runs until May 4. Get tickets here!

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