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"Parenthood" Series Finale!

Happy New Year, folks! I can finally write a bit about what I’ve been up to. Nowadays, when you book a job, you sign non-disclosure agreements and must keep mum about everything; that you even booked a job, what it is, what you are doing. Not just for t.v. but for commercials. All jobs big and small. Zip. Mum. Say Nada.

So after getting a surprise phone call that NBC’s “Parenthood” wanted to bring my character back for the very last episode, I’ve been keeping as quiet as I could. Truthfully, I have LOTS of friends and family members who are actually fans of the show! I didn’t want them to guess why I was going to be on again and ruin the emotional impact of the show. And let’s face it, if you are a fan of the show you know that’s part of the fun of it; the emotional ride.

It was quite an honor to be asked back. I played a small role in the Season 3 finale, as a social worker who helps Joel and Julia adopt a child. I happen to personally be a big proponent of adoption and so was thrilled to book this role and be a part of this story. I came back the next season when the characters were facing new challenges with the child. But then they finalized their adoption and I figured that was the end of the story.

Hopefully, you’ve seen the show and know what happens this time. I thought the finale script was a great one and think the fans would find it satisfying and uplifting, despite the emotional ride (and boy, is it a doozie!). For me, it was an opportunity to work with some really wonderful people. Everyone from writers, directors, producers and cast made it such a wonderful experience. The love the audience felt for the Braverman clan was a very real thing on that set.

Currently, I’m in the middle of shooting a guest star role on another show that I can, of course, tell you nothing about. Except that it’s comedy! Which I love doing. Oh and I’ll soon be on another hit comedy that I can tell you nothing about except that it won an award recently. Crap. Can I tell you that?

Bye, Parenthood! Thank you for having me and letting me be a small part of such a beloved tv show!

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